Maryalyce Poole
Public Speaker, Advocate, and Author

Keep Your Sights on Recovery
Maryalyce's Workshop Topics
Using an analogy of glasses. On the left lenses is all symptoms, Negative symptoms and in the bifocal is yourself, small, and what appears to be no sight in recovery. The bridge is a slow process , but you are on a bridge, one book, one workshop, one doctor appointment. one mental health meeting, one movie, all added to the keeping your sight on to recovery . The right lenses is all the positive learned experiences. and in the bottom of the bifocal lens is the mental illness. Supported by two stems that represent the two kinds of support. external and internal family. ​
Building Blocks to Recovery
Building to a future of recovery, learning the signs of recovery, knowing the how's and why it happen, and moving to recognizing the signs. Using the HOPE method of recovery Help, Overcome, Prevent, and Educate and build on the model of recovery.
Who Are You?
What do you know about yourself, your perception of yourself....?  What happened in our life? This workshop helps you with being honest with yourself and uncovering who you really are. This workshop builds inner self worth.